Wilhelmina's experiments

Plaster is a wonderful material to experiment with. If an artist wants to create a sculpture in bronze or stone, he can make ‘sketches’ (tryouts) in plaster. The advantage of a tryout like this is that all sorts of things can still be changed. Shaving a little of the material off, for example from a nose that is too big. Or indeed adding something. This can be done by dipping some bandage or a small piece of wool or cloth in liquid plaster and attaching it in the right shape to the statue.

Once the artist is happy with his plaster model he can show it to the person commissioning his work, have a mould made of it for casting a bronze statue, or use it as a model when creating a statue in stone. Plaster is very inexpensive, so this is another great advantage of using this material in experiments. Of course an artist can also decide to make his ultimate piece of work in plaster.

Wilhelmina loves plaster. She is constantly experimenting in her plaster workshop. If you click on one of the pictures above you can see her experimenting with plaster. She explains step-by-step how to do it, and then you can get started yourself! You can download each plaster experiment so that you read the recipe again.